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Subaru Canada - Ready From Factory (06/2021)

Creative Director

Ask: Incorporate Subaru Canada into Canadian Motorsport.


Method: Using historical elements of Subaru motorsport in Canada, (10x Canadian Rally Champion, Antoine L'estage). The objective was to link the rally history to the current generation Subaru WRX. Elements such as the helicopter were used to showcase the concept of Antoine borrowing the vehicle from the dealer to use directly in a rally stage, highlighting the vehicles performance capabilities.



Director: Nicholas Taylor

DOP: Paul Reid

Producer: Rob Crenson


Agency: Sport Driving Canada

Rally Driver: Antoine L'Estage

Agency Producer: Zach Robichon

Agency Producer: Jonathan Urlin

Creative Director: Nathan Kelly


Editorial: Married to Giants

Editor: Scott Edwards

Producer: Airees Angellakis

Colour: Alter Ego

Colourist: Patrick Jason Samaniego

Producer: H. Jane Garrah 

Audio: Ridgeline Sound

Sound Designer: Jeff Yellen 

Gaffer: Rory Sommerville 

Swing: Vinny Buggea 

AC: Rafi Leuwenkroon 

Sound: Martin Bechard 

FPV Drone Pilot 1: Danny Nguyen

FPV Drone Pilot 2: Dilan Senaratne 

Production Coordinator: Joseph Badzioch

Photographer: Jordan Lenssen

Projection Artist: Matt Eckensweiler 

Production Design: Rui Santos 

DMT: Paul VanDen 


Helicopter Pilot: Patrice Bellerose 

Cineflex Operator: Michael Darby


Russian Arm: Russian Arm Montreal

Russian Arm Driver: Bertrand Dupuis

Russian Arm Operator: Miguel Henriques

Russian Arm Head Operator: Denys  Svoiak

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