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Building @scoutmydoodle into a insta Micro-Influencer 

To start, she's adorable... So that really really helps.

This project became sort of a fun idea for two reasons; we wanted to have a timeline of our dogs life and we wanted to cut down the costs of dog ownership.

The Content

We knew Scout was extremely photogenic but we needed to ensure we captured her right. The majority of the time we shoot her with a proper camera, but to be fully transparent we use portrait mode a lot. Editing wise we do nothing except brighten the photo and add structure. The idea is to keep this as simple as possible.

The caption is mostly written in first person, and we try to give her the voice of a bitchy teenager when we can. The goal is to showcase the contrast between her being adorable and how she takes advantage of it.

The Name

When we first created the account we needed to find the most memorable name possible. @scoutadoodledoo was taken, @scoutdoestoronto, too niche. So we made it slightly inappropriate knowing it would be memorable, hense @scoutmydoodle.

Profile Data

Her photo has a solid red background to make her pop off the screen when she likes your photo. Ideally a profile picture should stick out with a bold colour.

We linked her to our personal accounts which both have over 10k followers, this helps other brands draw the connection and increases ad value.


This is key for any page, we basically hit up numerous different accounts and send them content. We offer to do takeovers, get featured in posts, basically anything to push her out.


We respond to every comment we can and try to keep the account extremely active. Posts happen around 6-7 times a week.

Being active with our followers has been huge to build a community around her!

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