• Michael Desveaux

Extreme E

Extreme E

If you found yourself in the middle of the deserts of Saudi Arabia earlier this month you may have been shocked to find futuristic cars with top speeds of 200KMH drifting throughout the sand and gravel. Despite what you might think these were not Tesla owners who found themselves lost in the desert, but instead they were some of the most skilled drivers in the world competing in an exciting new race series called Extreme E. This new motorsport may be one of the most enticing racing series started in recent memory and for good reason too. Almost everything about this series is lovable and this article aims to outline why Extreme E is the motorsport of the future.

The Mission

Like most other race series started in modern times, Extreme E has an immense focus on sustainability and ensuring the entire operation is as eco-friendly as possible. Without having to build any new tracks, the use of electric vehicles, and having a boat serve as a paddock that travels to every race, they stay strong to their commitment to have as small of a carbon footprint as possible. Extreme E differs from many other new race series though as their entire mission is solely based on bringing awareness to important issues facing our planet. Each of the races take place in locations all around the world to raise awareness for the different aspects of climate change. With races from the Amazon to the Arctic, the locations alone should be enough to entice new fans to watch the sport even without the amazing sustainable aspects of the series.

The People

Additionally, the amazing mission of the series has not only attracted everyday motorsport fans but also big names within the industry itself. Notorious rivals Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton have both founded teams for the inaugural season, citing the positive impact the series has on the planet as their reasoning for getting involved. Perhaps the most exciting names to get involved are the drivers themselves with the likes of Johan Kristoffersson, Sebastian Loeb, and Jenson Button all getting behind the wheel for the first season of Extreme E. With a stacked grid of skilled drivers it should make for great battles in each of this year's races.

The Future

With Extreme E’s immense focus on sustainability, it is hard to not consider them the race series of the future, but their focus on gender equality is icing on the cake for new, modern-day race fans to get involved. Each of the nine teams comprises 2 drivers, one male and one female as the series is dedicated to leave as positive of an impact as it can on our planet and the motorsport industry. Gender has always been a topic of debate in the motorsport world as the industry is largely male dominated, but steps taken like that of Extreme E demonstrate how bright the future may be for females looking to get into motorsport.

Overall, Extreme E has a lot of promise and has reason to be one of the most exciting and entertaining race series in the coming years. With it being in its inaugural season, there will be many bumps along the road and will hopefully serve as a growing experience for the future and growth of the series. Moreover, Through the overall good of Extreme E’s mission and the excitement of the races themselves, this is only the beginning of Extreme E as the future looks very bright for this new racing series.

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