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How to create attractive posts - Creating graphics

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

I wanted to start this series, sort of short n' sweet tips based on the things i've learned. I't's really me documenting things i've learned so I can revisit it later. Why not make it public?...People spend so much money with agencies when really the raw principles are pretty simple to learn. So! In this, we're gunna cover some simple design elements.

Before we start, never lose sight of the fact that humans are not nearly as advanced as we sometimes like to believe. Yes, we "run" the planet, however we cannot shake some of our primitive behaviour. So let's talk about this graphically and in the sense of creating an advertisement.

For the rest of your life, whenever you open your eyes your vision will immediately be drawn to the four following things:

  1. Physically large Objects

  2. High contrasting objects

  3. Bright coloured objects

  4. Moving objects

That's it, you'll never not look at these things, don't fight it.

So we know this, how does that change an Instagram advertisement for example? That's the example we are going to focus on, just because it gets messed up a lot. So let's start by looking at the format Instagram gives us:

Ok! So I've made some boxes here so we can break this down.

Green box: This is all that matters, everything regarding the information you are trying to relay will live and die with what you put in this green box. We are going to spend a little more time here... Remember our 4 objects - contrast, bright, moving and large, this ticks 3/4 boxes. We have black and white for high contrast, a large hat, and overall it's a bright white image.

Think about this stuff when you are selecting photos, you have less than a second to catch viewers interest, so you had better cover 75% of our 4 elements to at least stand a chance.

Now, videos are typically better because you can relay more information in a smoother sequence without overwhelming the viewer. You can give more of a "feel" with a video and automatically check off your motion box. However, remember the three rules of marketing: no one has time to listen to your idea, no one really gives a shit about your great idea and no one will really remember exactly what you told them, you can read more about this concept here.

So knowing this, you had better be able to give the view exactly what they want in a short time window... specifically in this order: 1. How it relates to them, 2. why they need it/how it benefits their life and 3. how they can EASILY get it..... Fast.

Yellow Box: lets talk about this, really your caption is irrelevant in most cases unless the content is so abnormal it requires explanation. So forget using this space as you "messaging" to the view, maybe some clarifying facts/hard details like a deadline, but keep it short, cut the fluff out, again no one cares or has time.

Purple Box: This is where the majority of people drop the ball. This is your review section, this is your feedback. This is your chance to make or break your idea.... Regardless of the comments you get, you need to answer. You need to be there and be authentic. this response: "We thank you for your feedback, due to our policies and procedures we are not fully able to address......" does, work... however you have immediately drawn a line in the sand. A better response? "Hey XXXXX, check your private msgs :) we would love to chat". Then send them a note, be a real person and offer to chat privately.

So let's talk more about your graphics, and how make those pop. First place to start is not being shy with text size. Blow it up. Second is text placement and colour. A good tip would be to place either a black or white layer over your image, play with the opacity, then add your text. That will give you more of a consistent look. You Also don't need photoshop to do this, for example, preview on a mac has most of the tools to accomplish this. You can read about how to do this here.

In closing you really don't need to reinvent the wheel here and it's just going to take practice and getting used to using editing tools to make your images pop. Some good free mobile apps include Adobe sparkpost, Snapseed and lightroom. Try it, go have fun

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