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How to customize motorcycle seat

As a disclaimer this is my first crack at this, so if it totally fails then good luck with your half hacked up seat. I've cut things up before don't get me wrong; steaks, I carved a turkey once, how hard can this be?

Further, this won't have much editing (none) so welcome to my world of grammar errors and spelling.

Step 1

lay out your materials.

I used a kitchen knife and a sharpy and that's pretty much it.... Make sure it's sharp and don't stab yourself. have a vacuum nearby because this creates a mess.

Step 2

Assess your seat: is this a total piece of shit? Is this worth it? Of course it is. Hopefully you can salvage whatever disgusting cigarette smelling seat you've managed to lay your hands on.

Step two: Remove the fabric covering the seat. Hopefully you have a tetanus shot and enjoy pulling staples because the next hour of your life will revolve heavily around these two points (points haha rusted sharp staples...). There will probably be this shitty layer of foam under the fabric, on top of the main foam. Rip this off and try to salvage it if you can. If not don't worry the world is polluted with foam.

Step 3

Look at your stinky gross piece of foam, it probably has mold on it and is crusty in some sections. This is where you need some basic artistic skill. With your sharpy draw lines of how you want the seat to be shaped. Think about clean lines on the bike. You can pull the inspiration from pretty much anything, shoes are a good place to look. I think of Vans and how flat they are with straight clean lines on the side profile. At this point the choice is yours.

Step 4

Hack into it. Don't be scared. Worst case scenario you buy new foam. Make some releif cuts vertically on the seat, this will make your life so much easier.

I ended up trimming the plastic to get that extra low profile look.

Step 5

Select a light grit sandpaper and smooth it all out. At this point it should sort of look like a seat.

Step 6

Select a fabric, think durability but also something totally unique. Cut it so you have some excess to wrap under and re-staple.

Option - I grabbed a can of 3M spray adhesive to keep everything tight.

Finally - Look at it and decide if it is something you are really happy with. This is supposed to be fun, don't judge yourself if it's not perfect. For me I would rather know I made something custom and learned. As opposed to spending money on an item totally accessible by everybody. More to come!

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