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How-to maximize your posts realestate 

This may be something you already know, or something you've never even thought of, but the formatting of your Instagram post matters. Maximizing the vertical length if your digital content can make a big difference in the amount of time viewers spend looking at your content, ultimately impacting engagement.

Here is an example of a small post:

So you can see that this takes up about 2cm of a phone screen. Not really maximizing the potential. Here is another example:

This is almost triple in size! Way more effective and gives viewers a much more engaging piece of content.

The solution

This isn't just for videos, but photos as well. There is a pretty simple solution, just shoot all your content with your camera vertical, or crop/edit your photos to be longer vertically than horizontal.

When you post, leave some white space on each side of your photo like this:

And there you have it! This simple fix can make a big difference in how viewers engage with your content.

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