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Piper's Picks

The Concept

Piper’s Picks started as a fun idea to grow build Piper’s Instagram into a higher valued channel. Being extremely well spoken and a lover of good food we knew that Piper would do well with her own “mini series”

Basically the idea of the content is simple, we showcase local hot spots that Piper enjoys. We shoot the entire piece within the normal time it takes to eat a meal, a couple behind the scenes shots always add value and showcase the full vibe of the location. Our shots are meant to highlight the food or experience in under 40 seconds.

Piper’s Instagram typically has a reach of 10,000 - 20,000 per post. Videos can range from 2500 views – 10,000 views.

Instagram story video

Instagram story CTA video

First shot

We first connected with Chotto Matte, with no real action plan we decided to film the entire thing and see what it looked like. The result was outstanding, Chotto saw a huge boost in their social engagement and it gave a fresh buzz to the restaurant. Over 30 people saved Piper’s video and multiple commented on how they wanted to add it to their “list”.

Being completely user generated content, it has an authentic feel. If we don’t like the restaurant, we simply don’t post it. We have turned down restaurants! For us this has to be authentically done and to be transparent.

Video post

Down the road

Really we just want to grow Piper’s Pick’s into a space where people can check out the best of Toronto. Almost like a hand-selected list of all Toronto’s hot spots. Content wise we have the flexibility to edit and create whatever we want, this opens the doors for everything to be Piper’s structure and ideas.

Post Results

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