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Professional Racing Ontario X Double Seven Industries "Karting is Back"

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

This project started off pretty straight forward. Darryl Timmers and Curtis Fox are two people I really enjoy working with and basically we just wanted to do something together. So yeah, basically Double Seven "sponsors" PRO helping with digital content, webpage stuff, and whatever else they need.

If you're looking to get into karting, PRO is a pretty good place to start. They offer an easy introduction to the sport. You can visit them here

We also offer our services to their team drivers at a discounted rate. All the drivers are younger and looking to make a name for themselves, so personal branding digitally is pretty important. If you're new to motorsport in general, karting is a great place to learn how things work in the industry.

Here is our first video together called "Karting is back" shot on Canada Day 2020