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Quarantino Tuesday

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

We went to this park in the east end of Toronto and filmed right before the lockdown started, there really wasn't a plan. JG is actually a stuntman in real life which is cool, and Ordinance bikes is a one man show based in the USA. He makes all the frames himself...Cool right?

This space was actually pretty awkward to shoot at, normally you have control over the background a bit, but in this case it's so open and flat it just looks like it could go on forever. So I whitewashed it a bit to make it less distracting. We shot this with a Fuji X-T20 and Ronan, nothing special. For the opening bowl scene, I put a mic in the bowl and shot some clips just recording audio, then just tossed that on top after.

To be fully transparent i'd never shot a session like this before. It was really a learning experience and I wanted to practice object tracking. Alright thats enough here is the video:

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