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The Porsche Crest

Porsche Crest

Iconic and distinctive. Porsche has been in existence as a brand since the early 1900's. The logo glows on cars as they drive past - a symbol that has deep history in the automotive industry. But what exactly does the logo mean? In this article we explore the true meaning behind the Porsche crest and what it represents.

Originally, Porsche had no badge. It was just the iconic font which is still on vehicles today. Ferry Porsche (son of founder, Ferdinand Porsche) decided that the brand needed a badge. It was first released in 1953 on the steering wheel of one of their cars, to later then be first placed on the exterior of a 356 coupe. But where did the design for it come from?

To start, the distinctive black horse in the middle, is a representation of power and a tribute to Stuttgart, Germany. This is where the original Porsche factory was founded and continues to be in operation today. The combination of the horse surrounded by the small shield is actually the Stuttgart coat of arms.

The larger section of the crest contains antlers along with red and black lines. This is taken from the state crest of Württemberg, the state of where Stuttgart is located. Over half a century later, not much has changed. Some colours have been refined with more of a focus on gold rather than the original yellow.