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The Porsche P1

Porsche P1

Electric vehicles are the way of the future. In an effort to preserve our planet, automotive manufacturers are shifting the way they design to become more eco-friendly. As of now there are plenty of options available for eco-friendlier transportation - even new start-up companies are stepping into the automotive industry to take a shot at building high performance electric vehicles. Although most people currently view Porsche as a petrol-based brand, Porsche was actually the first company ever to build an electric vehicle…in 1898.

Yes, before they were even building petrol-powered machines, Porsche designed the first eco-friendly vehicle. This became known as the Porsche P1. Ferdinand Porsche took on a project to design a vehicle which was essentially a horse carriage with an electric motor strapped to the rear axle. To ensure he would get credit with the design, Ferdinand engraved “P1” onto all the major parts of the vehicle giving it the unofficial name. Although primitive by today’s standards, the P1 used advanced technology for its time. This included shock absorbers that held the electric engine in place with a single speed wooden drive directly to the axle, which made it capable of speeds up to 35 km/h.