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The "RS"

Porsche 911 RS Models

It is no secret that Porsche designs their vehicles based around racing performance and heritage. From the Macan to the 911, all models start with a platform derived from the highest standards of performance engineering. Porsches racing cars such as the 917, 919, GT3 Cup and most recently the 2017 RSR have all contributed engineering aspects to the everyday street models.

Unfortunately, race cars are not street legal which is a shame because there is nothing quite like them, they truly are the pinnacle of performance engineering. Porsche however, being no stranger to pushing limits, created a series of iconic street cars which are branded with an RS badge which stands for Rennsport (German for racing sport). These are known as the Porsche 911 RS models. Originally, the 911 RS model was released in 1972 as the 911 Carrera RS 2.7. At the time this was a top notch track-focused street car which was head of its class. Compared to the 1972 911 S, the RS received a bigger engine, stiffer suspension, bigger brakes, wider rear wheels and a larger wing. These upgrade trends continued with 911 RS models all the way up to the current 2016 model. The design of the RS models has always had a clear focus of being as lightweight as possible, utilizing the newest materials available while upgrading the car for optimal track performance.

The first production run of RS models in 1972 was only 500 cars which sold out immediately within the first week of its release. With only few cars being made, the RS models quickly became highly desirable. With this desirability came an increase in value; not only are they impressive track machines but also smart investments. The release of 2016 Porsche 911 GT3 RS saw the car double in value months after its release, with collectors doing anything possible to get their hands on it. If you were fortunate enough to buy an RS in 1972, you would see that the value of your car has gone up almost 700%, yes, 700%. With a price tag well into the millions, the 1972 911 RS 2.7 is regarded as one of the most collectible Porsche models ever to be released.