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The Targa

Porsche Targa

The 911 is a truly historic car model for Porsche. It is currently one of the longest production vehicle in history starting in 1963. This past week Porsche celebrated the construction of their one millionth 911 production model. This massive milestone is made even more significant as Porsche is known for only doing limited production runs of each vehicle annually. The 911 line up contains some very unique cars which have become iconic within the brand. A special 911 model which originated in 1967 is the 911 Targa. This model design was released at the time due to overwhelming concern the department of transportation would ban convertible cars. The design of the Targa is such that it uses a unique roll bar or roll hoop where the regular B pillars would reside on a vehicle.

The name “Targa” originates from Porsche's victory in the Targa Florio road race in Sicily, Italy. This is typical Porsche fashion to brand a vehicle with a historical element, adding more to the value of the name. The original Targa was a short wheelbase 911, which features an iconic roll bar in brushed aluminum finish. The Targa also featured a rear foldable fabric screen to make the vehicle more open. The addition of the roll bar allowed the car to pass what was thought to be the strict legislation in America at the time; ultimately a ban was never placed on convertible cars. One year after its release date the Targa was switched to a long wheel base. With this, the folding screen was replaced with glass. Porsche learned after one year that a fabric screen was not strong enough to maintain rigidity at high speed. The additional componentry of the Targa remained similar to the other 911 models at the time.

The release of the 993 Targa (1993 Porsche models) saw the biggest changes as the roll bar was replaced with glass. This gave it a panoramic roof and created the image of a giant sunroof. This car currently is quite a collector’s item and is a rare one to find. Although the Targa top never had to replace the convertible top, it has remained in the Porsche 911 line up as an iconic model. The current generation of 991 Targa models saw the return of the roll bar hoop in brushed aluminum. The roof section over the driver and passenger feature a fully automated process of removing the top. This creates a seamless transition into the historic feeling of the true Targa top with a modern twist.